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free-time project

Dog toy form and shape experiments for my creative output.

While working on client projects, I like to find time to pursue my dream ahead - owning a design studio focused on cuteness, lovely objects that enhance our everyday life.


A dog toy that's shape is abstract of the dog itself would be a lovely addition to our home rather. We all know hunter dogs love prays and sometimes are not so friendly to other doggies (I myself had a foxterrier and it was a pain to walk her in the park as she keeps attacking other dogs rather than playing with them - she was well trained, don't get me wrong, this is due to her breed as a hunter) and so I would like to let the owner embrace the dog's character while playing with creature-like toys, rather than old boring bones or knots. All in a cute way! Also, the inside of the toy would be a different colour thus making the chewed toy less ugly, but more purpuse-full.


tons of drawings for manufacturers