09 / 2017   -   12 / 2017


Supervisor - Šarunas Šlektavičius. 

Mei is a mini emotional intellect, designed to simplify expression and channel interpersonal communication. It is a personal emotional assistant with built-in Artificial Intelligence that recognizes its surroundings and is capable of identifying humans and objects. 

Mei responds to visual stimuli with animated eye and body movements. It contains a speaker, microphone and two front cameras that detect stereoscopic images. (2).gif (8).gif

Nerijus Misius & Rokas Endziulis helping me with electronics/software

This robot was inspired by my communication with my good friend who has depression. At times, communication with him was very hard as he expressed little or no emotions. I started thinking about simplifying ways of communication - leaving only eye and body expression. 


fitting in electronic components

a few "failed" 3D printed parts

a few "failed" 3D printed parts

The form is super minimal - three spheres cut with different angles.

1 (7).png

A great desktop companion

Head is easily detached


A magnetic tablet holding parts together. The "plus" shaped hole is for easier usability.